Lakeview Jasmine Hedge -- PLEASE HELP!

Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by Johnson (Florida), Aug 11, 2006.

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    After some research, my husband and I decided to plant a Lakeview Jasmine hedge. So about a month ago, my husband and I started looking for plants to purchase, which proved to be a difficult task. We finally found a respectable vendor who had ten plants that were about four feet tall (but thin at the bottom). At the time of purchase, they were in bloom with small white fragrant blooms, so we did not doubt that they were Lakeview Jasmine. We got the plants home, planted them and trimmed about a foot off the top to get them to start filling out on the botttom. We need an additional 37 plants to finish off our hedge and this past week found a nursery who had a contact to get us the remaining plants -- this is where the conflict starts.

    The new plants have larger leaves, so we are wondering if there are different variations of Lakeview Jasmine, or if they just look different because the first batch of ten plants was grown outside and the new batch was grown in an enclosed nursery. The newly acquired plants are very thick and dark green -- (and very pretty). They are not blooming so I can not verify that they are Lakeview Jasmine by the flower.

    Please advise of your thoughts regarding the difference in leaf size between the two plants -- should I be concerned? My husband is fretting as we have spent alot of hard work getting all the plants in the ground (digging, fertilizing, etc).

    Also, as we wanted a really thick hedge, we planted them on two foot centers, is this too close for the plant to thrive?

    Thanks in advance for any advice that you can give.

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