Lakeview Jasmine Hedge(Murraya paniculata) Problems

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    I planted between 50 and 60 Lakeview Jasmine (Murraya paniculata) plants between both sides of my home in Boca Raton last autumn. I was told by a garden shop to prune 1/3 of the growth so the plants would get full and not leggy which I did early this spring on the 1st side I planted last fall. The other side I pruned slightly. That 1st side has done OK except for MAYBE 1/3 of the plants which are now showing some bright green growth. Others have not really grown at all this summer. The other side which was planted later and was not pruned much is exploding in growth. Also, I really haven't had many flushes of blooms as I thought I would. Very irregular and now very light/few.

    I'm really puzzled. I have fertilized 3 or 4 times with Lesco 13-3-13 and I've really been frequently using Miracle Grow 2x a week (1 gal on each plant) along with Superthrive for about 3 months now which since has shown to have produced results although as above, 1/3 of the plants on the 1st side I planted have not grown at all this summer! REALLY ODD!

    I've kicked up watering dramitcally as well.

    So my problem is which of these has helped and which of these has hurt (like pruning too early - or all all, or using hot (dry) fertilizer?

    No one has been able to give me a consistant answer to diagosing my problem OR how to properly fertilize, prune, or water. Even the local county agricultural guys and professors at Univ. of FL and others have provided me with a consistant answer which really causes confusion.

    Any suggestions, comments, or experiences would be most welcomed. I've been told I can get a 7ft hedge in as little as 2 years while others have told me to expect 6 inches of new growth. What can I reasonably expect? I have pictures but I can't figure out how to post them.

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