Lady Palm & Chinese Evergreen in Hydroponics

Discussion in 'Outdoor Tropicals' started by Astronut, Apr 12, 2006.

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    On another thread where I a few people identified that I have a Lady Palm (Rhapsis Excelsa) and Chinese Evergreen (Algaonema Commutatum), one person said they should not be kep (as they are at the moment) living in a hydroponic tub. They advised I shoudl get them into soil as soon as possible

    I have two questions of anyone who knows about cultivation in Hydroponics vs Soil if anyone can answer them:

    1. Are there certain plants that do not do well in Hydroponics ie these and should I get them soil If so can anyone say why?

    2. If I should, what type of soil/compost and fertiliser should I use



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