Kratom trees?

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    I am curious, does anyone have experience growing Kratom tree in a non-tropical environment? I became the accidental owner of a nice small tree, I ordered a Browneopsis from a nursery in Hawaii and they accidentally shipped me a Kratom tree instead (my Browneopsis is getting here Wednesday) but now I have this Kratom tree. I did some research and found that it is used as a medicinal, and as 'speed' in SE Asia where it has been cultivated for hundreds of years. Apparently you chew the leaves (or buy a powdered form). But its a tropical tree, and I live in a sub-tropical climate. I read it can get to 80 feet, I don;t think it will get that big here. Optimal temps 70-90...I can give that most of the year but not reliably in November-February. I guess if we don;t have an outright freeze it would probably do ok...its attractive, I don;t know if I want 80 feet of it though....anyone growing one containerized?

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