Krameria grayi

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    San Joaquin Valley, California
    White Rhatany - Photos taken April 6,
    2004 Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

    The pics could have been better but they
    do show how the flowers stack up to other
    examples as shown in the URLs below.

    These flowers have the right number of
    petals and at first glance appear to be right.
    The petals on this plant seem to be much
    more rounded in shape, fuller in size and
    not nearly as reflexed as the other examples.
    Notice the color of the flowers of this plant
    as opposed to the flowers shown in both

    Even the spelling of Rhatany - Ratany from
    one source to another is different. The source
    we used was the 'Mojave Desert Wildflowers'
    book by Jon Mark Stewart.

    The misses found this plant for me just outside
    the entrance to Mouse's Tank.

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