Kniphofia blooming

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    I long admired my neighbour's kniphofia, and so I started growing them a few years ago. After disasters too lamentable to relate, I now have four growing in pots outdoors.

    One of them, Kniphofia praecox, has grown this year from a seed that I planted last winter. It is now about 1.5 feet ( = .5 m) tall.

    What surprises me is that it has started to develop a flower in the last few days.

    The others all bloomed in the spring, or partly into the summer. but never in the late Fall. Is this normal for this one?

    The temperature has been unusually warm at night for four or five days - about 11 C (= 53 F) whereas the nighttime norm for this time of year is more like 6 C - and maybe that is why it is blooming? None of the others are blooming...
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    Certain species bloom in fall.

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