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    Hi everybody!

    Thanks for all the previous posts on Hardy Kiwi. It is very helpful.

    I just found out about Hardy Kiwifruit (Kiwi Berries) a couple of weeks ago from a friend of mine here in Vancouver (near Boundary Road). I'm sooooo excited to plant some Kiwi Berries from seed. But....Where can I get some Kiwi Berries???

    I've read a lot about them on the internet and viewed a few YouTube videos, but I've yet to find a source of Kiwi Berries so I can plant some from the seeds. According to all the sources I found on the internet, Kiwi Berries get ripe around here in about October (so my timing is pretty good).

    Thanks. I appreciate any help that any of you may have.

    --George Stancliffe
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    Re: Male Hardy Kiwi source

    Hi George. I have two kinds of Hardy Kiwis, Issai and what is probably Anna. They both have lots of fruit that will mostly be thrown away, since I haven't found a useful way to preserve it. I live in Burnaby near the north end of Boundary, and you are welcome to take as much of the fruit as you want. However, I don't recommend growing kiwis from seed because it will be years before you know anything about the quality of the fruit that you are growing. And the quality is likely to be poor. I should mention that my male A. arguta died this year; so the female was pollinated by a male A. deliciosa. This will make their offspring even more variable. But if you want to experiment, it might be interesting. Send me a PM if you want some of the fruit from these vines.

    Vito G.
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