Ken's Red Hardy Kiwi - not female?

Discussion in 'Fruit and Nut Trees' started by kmuncaster, Jun 11, 2017.

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    7 years ago I planted a Ken's Red female hardy kiwi plus a male hardy kiwi and have been training it up along my second-floor deck ever since. They are both healthy and vigorous. This is the second year that both have flowered. Last year they only had a few flowers and I was disappointed to find no fruit. This year they are both flowering profusely and to make sure I'm hand-pollinated too. However I noticed that the flowers of both the male and female look the same to me. Looking online I was distraught to discover that the flowers of my supposed female do not seem to match the images of female flowers. Attached is a photo of my supposed-female flower. The anthers have lots of pollen. I don't see any extra middle stigmas, just a little bump in the middle. The flowers just came out a few days ago but some of the early openers are already beginning to drop after yesterdays rain. Any experts out there that can tell me if they look female to you, or if there is some anomaly with this variety that should put my mind at ease?

    I guess I will find out soon enough if they fruit, but I want to make sure I am not misdiagnosing the problem before I cut down (<weep>) my 7-year investment.

    And if it does turn out I was mistakenly shipped two males (at great expense btw, over the US border) then any advice on whether grafting might be a good option to speed the process, and how to do it? I've never grafted before but any attempt would be better than waiting another seven years. :( And if so, anybody in my neighbourhood (Victoria) that might be willing to offer some scions in the fall...ideally Ken's Red, but any vigorous hardy kiwi would do...

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    The photos seem to show a male flower, since it doesn't appear to have any pistils radiating from a central stalk, as shown in the photo below of a female A. arguta cv. Ananasnaya, which happens to be blooming now.

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