karasugawa and taiyo Nishiki

Discussion in 'Maples' started by krautz33, Jul 7, 2005.

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    I am adding these two tress to my collection. I was wondering if anybody has pictures of these trees. How big do they get, What kind of exposure are they getting. I have read about the tress in several books and articles. But I just wanted other peoples opinions on what they liked or did not like about the trees.

    Thank you for the help in advance. I will send pictures soon.

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    Southwest France
    I have karasugawa (see pic below, taken in April). My advice would be to place it in a sheltered (from wind) place with dappled shade.

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    I also purchased a JM titled "Taiyo Nishiki" & in parentheses the woman wrote "Butterfly" Are they one & the same? It is labeled correctly? Seems as though labels are very often wrong. I also bought one labeled "Inabe Shidare" which I presume is Inaba Shidare. This was one of those big fancy color printed labels too. And is it Chishio or Chisio? Vertrees spells it Chishio - but others spell it Chisio. So much confusion over names & spelling!

    Good luck with your trees in PA! I think we are so lucky to have such wonderful growing conditions here in Oregon.

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    When in doubt I refer to Vertrees as he went to great lengths to get the names, spelling, and translations as right as possible. Don't rely on the Japanese maple websites either as they sometimes misspell the English spelling of Japanese named cultivars. For instances, "AP 'Aoba joh'". There is no "h" after the "o" in "jo". This misspelling was taken from the Ganshukutei maple website.

    FYI, the English spelling of my last name is misspelled. There shouldn't be a "y" after the "u" There is no Japanese word "uye" [ooh yeh], but there is a Japanese word "ue" [ooh weh] which is what the first part of my last name is.

    As is too often the case translations and transliterations can be a thorny issue.

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    No, 'Taiyo nishiki' and 'Butterfly' are not the same
    plant. The old Maple is 'Chishio' but the more recent
    Maple is 'Shishio improved'. 'Inaba shidare' is the
    correct spelling for that Maple.

    Layne: I think I have to qualify that the Vertrees first
    and second edition Japanese Maples books are more
    apt to have the correct spellings rather than the third
    edition. Yes, there was a consortium of people in
    Japan and elsewhere that worked on the spellings of
    the Maples before Mr. Vertrees ever ran with and
    pretty much self published the original manuscript
    and again before the Timber Press publishing of the
    second edition. What people do not know is that
    there were a lot of people allover that wanted Mr.
    Vertrees to write a book on Japanese Maples when
    he expressed interest in embarking on such a project.
    What many others felt was a monumental task, all
    things considered, since much of the information
    had to originate from and come in from Japan. To
    serve as a stormbringer, don't get me started on the
    ah, eh, ih, oh, uh, and in some cases yh common
    name spellings used in Europe and to some extent
    even used in Japan now. It pains me to no end to
    see that kind of stuff happening.

    I have not grown 'Taiyo nishiki' per say, not going to
    get into that here and now. 'Karasugawa' is an unique
    Maple. Last year I had mine in full sun and had allover
    variegation on almost every leaf pretty much year round.
    The leaves were quite small in size and all of the new
    growth had more pink with a white shading than they
    had green coloration in the leaves, actually the green
    was so sparse in the amount of it most of the year that
    I cannot even call it a green mottling. I moved that
    same plant in shade with about 3-4 hours of morning
    sun only this year and the leaves became about 5 times
    larger in size with the leaves being more green in color
    but with almost every leaf having white in it. The tale
    of two Maples as grown in sun it was right for
    'Karasugawa', yet grown in high shade the Maple
    more closely resembles the old 'Versicolor'. This
    was not due to fertilizer as I have not fertilized this
    Maple in over two years, nor have I given it any new
    soil. Amount of light and the intensity of light sure
    made a big difference in that Maple.

  6. krautz33

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    Here are the pictures of my new trees. The first two are Taiyo Nishiki. The second two are Karasugawa.

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    just got one, looking forward to seeing how it performs

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