Just moved to Vancouver, BC. When do people typically plant overwintering alliums here?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Gardening in the Pacific Northwest' started by BrandonKieft, Sep 17, 2019.

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    Vancouver, BC
    Hi everyone,

    Just moved to the city and found this awesome forum? I'm looking to plant garlic and onions over the winter and am wondering when people are typically getting them into the ground here. The rainy season seems like it's started and not going away here in Vancouver so it makes me think that now is the time.

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    Greater Vancouver, BC Canada
    have a look around this company website for garlic and other plants (seeds) suitable to Vancouver area

    in addition to selling seeds etc - they also provide lots of helpful info on the website

    West Coast Seeds | Organic Seeds

    one non-allium that I have good luck with thru the winter (on the sunny sheltered side in a container) is Swiss Chard grown from seeds I bought at this company

    I just scissor harvest the leaves (ie I don't yard out the entire plant)

    you can visit the shop in Ladner or mail order online - or some of the better garden centers carry West Coast Seeds

    (I don't own work or have any other connection other than happy customer)
    Another place that might interest you if you like food gardening is the Farm at UBC - there is an indigenous garden and a Mayan garden ... it's near TRIUMF and a lot of new-ish stores like Save On and yogurt take-out and liquor store etc - there's a big high school nearby too (access on transit with a level walk after bus stop ... what is the # of the campus transit bus - 25?)

    and there are many community food gardens around the city - walk by and see what's growing.

    to summarize - I'd say that winter gardening is a matter of finding the microclimates in your garden - ie on your lot if you're in a single family dwelling -- or on your balcony if in a shared community. Make sure your strata (or landlord) allows planters on decks - yes there are situations where residents have been in court about it.
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    Nanoose Bay, BC Canada
  4. Eric La Fountaine

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    I would plant garlic bulbs now and until November weather depending. Search out some of the local garlic festivals and growers if you want to get some interesting varieties.

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