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    Of course, today winner was Eucalyptus parvula with snow white flowers(from New South Wales). Wendy and I saw it in bloom first time.
    Eucalyptus parvula New South Wales.jpg

    I also like Chrysanthemum coronarium(Glebionis coronaria), edible chrysanthemum. In food garden.
    Glebionis coronaria=Chrysanthemum coronarium, edible chrysanthemum.jpg
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    July 10, 2015 - Yellow flowers - part 1

    It's been yellow-flower time for a few weeks, but now that the entrance courtyard is dominated by the Koelreuteria and Meliosma, it just seems like the theme for the month.

    Here is Koelreuteria paniculata, with a honey bee and the bumble bees I think are Bombus vosnesenskii, as I mentioned in the Solanum posting.
    KoelreuteriaPaniculata_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200820.jpg KoelreuteriaPaniculata_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200802.JPG KoelreuteriaPaniculata_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200916.JPG
    KoelreuteriaPaniculata_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200847.JPG KoelreuteriaPaniculata_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200836.JPG KoelreuteriaPaniculata_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200839.JPG KoelreuteriaPaniculata_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200850.JPG

    And the Meliosma pinnata var. oldhamii, with a worm-head. Taisha Mitchell posted better photos of the buds in Meliosma oldhamii var. oldhamii - Botany Photo of the Day.
    MeliosmaPinnataVarOldhamii_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200800.jpg MeliosmaPinnataVarOldhamii_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200801.JPG MeliosmaPinnataVarOldhamii_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200909.jpg

    I didn't see the tag for this, but if I've learned anything doing these postings, this should be Inula hookeri, in the Asian Garden.
    InulaHookeri_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200453.JPG InulaHookeri_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200455.jpg InulaHookeri_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200456.JPG InulaHookeri_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200457.JPG InulaHookeri_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200458.jpg

    And Inula helenium, in the Physic Garden.
    InulaHelenium_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200543.jpg InulaHelenium_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200544.JPG InulaHelenium_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200547.JPG

    Marticaria chamomilla
    MatricariaChamomilla_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200529.JPG MatricariaChamomilla_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200530.JPG

    Galium verum
    GaliumVerum_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200539.JPG GaliumVerum_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200540.JPG

    Foeniculum vultare
    FoeniculumVulgare_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200548.JPG FoeniculumVulgare_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200549.jpg FoeniculumVulgare_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200551.JPG

    Oenothera biennis, in the Physic Garden
    OenotheraBiennis_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200569.JPG OenotheraBiennis_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200562.JPG OenotheraBiennis_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200563.JPG

    And Oenothera fremontii 'Lemon Silver', in the Alpine Garden

    Tanacetum vulgare
    , in the Physic Garden
    TanacetumVulgare-Tansy_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200565.jpg TanacetumVulgare-Tansy_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200566.JPG TanacetumVulgare-Tansy_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200568.JPG

    And Tanacetum haradjanii, with wonderful leaves, in the Alpine Garden.
    TanacetumHaradjanii_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200621.JPG TanacetumHaradjanii_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200623.JPG

    I think I'd better split this up. More to come in Part 2.
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    July 10, 2015 - Yellow flowers - part 2

    So many yellow flowers. I'll start with my favourite, that I didn't get around to posting when I saw them a couple of weeks ago. The Spartium juncium, Spanish Broom, with what seem like huge (for Broom) flowers, still looks great.
    SpartiumJuncium_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200619.JPG SpartiumJuncium_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200615.JPG SpartiumJuncium_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200609.JPG SpartiumJuncium_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200612.jpg

    Tussilago farfara, Coltsfoot, in the Physic Garden
    TussilagoFarfara-Coltsfoot_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200576.JPG TussilagoFarfara-Coltsfoot_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200578.JPG

    Euryops tysonii
    EuryopsTysonii_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200589.JPG EuryopsTysonii_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200590.JPG

    Zinnia grandiflora. I had to look this up, the littlest zinnia flowers I've seen with a name like that. I see it's known as wild zinnia, and has a whole lot of other common names, including Rocky Mountain zinnia, Little golden zinnia, Yellow zinnia, Plains zinnia, and Prairie zinnia (according to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center).

    Anthemis tinctoria, and Ligularia fischeri
    AnthemisTinctoria_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200632.JPG LigulariaFischeri_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200730.jpg

    Asparagus officinalis
    AsparagusOfficinalis_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200740.JPG AsparagusOfficinalis_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200741.JPG AsparagusOfficinalis_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200742.JPG

    Salvia glutinosa
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    July 10, 2015 - not yellow flowers

    Here are a few more things that interested me yesterday, including Asphodelus aestivus, which was one of the reasons I went to the garden. Tamara Bonnemaison wrote about them in Asphodelus aestivus - Botany Photo of the Day, and when I checked my photo of that plant from two years ago, I thought I must have got it wrong then. But no, Nadia noticed that at the top of those long stems were really the flowers photographed by Gideon Pisanty in that posting, complete with a seemingly drunk bee (in the BPotD posting). They really were hard to photograph. Better to check the BPotD photos.
    AsphodelusAestivus_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200599.jpg AsphodelusAestivus_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200594.jpg AsphodelusAestivus_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200596.jpg

    Competing pretty well for attention on the entrance plaza is x Chitalpa tashkentensis 'Pink Dawn'.
    xChitalpaTashkentensisPinkDawn_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200805.jpg xChitalpaTashkentensisPinkDawn_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200804.JPG xChitalpaTashkentensisPinkDawn_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200807.JPG

    Sorbaria tomentosa, in the Asian Garden, is very showy right now.
    SorbariaTomentosa_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200412.JPG SorbariaTomentosa_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200416.JPG SorbariaTomentosa_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200421.JPG

    Nadia was excited to see the Styrax tonkinensis.
    StyraxTonkinensis_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200424.JPG StyraxTonkinensis_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200426.JPG

    This is Ammi visnaga, in the Physic Garden, with very gracefully-shaped inflorescences.
    AmmiVisnaga_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200552.JPG AmmiVisnaga_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200555.JPG AmmiVisnaga_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200556.JPG AmmiVisnaga_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200558.JPG

    Aralia californica
    AraliaCalifornica_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200726.JPG AraliaCalifornica_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200720.JPG AraliaCalifornica_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200717.JPG AraliaCalifornica_UBCBG_Cutler_20150710_P1200718.JPG

    And one of my favourites, Datisca cannabina, is in bloom now. Or maybe those are fruits?
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    I forgot the mouse.

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