Appreciation: Japanese maples in the news

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    Who would have thought that when I took a 6' 'Bloodgood' and turned it into a bonsai that a few years later a link to a picture of it would be used in The Guardian home.

    I was surprised to find it when my flickr page kept getting traffic from The Guardian. Clicked on the link and found none of my pictures, that was until I decided to read the story.

    Under "For a patio pot" they mention 'Bloodgood' and say " (If your space is really small, you could even bonsai it.)" When you click on the word bonsai it takes you to my flickr page of my 'Bloodgood' bonsai photo. We have been featured in online articles before and this one probably does not count...but I will take it. I am sure the bonsai community is less than thrilled that my creation is being used to represent "bonsai"...ha...ha

    My wife laughs at it all the time and say she does not like the pot, because it looks like a bath tub. I guess I can see that, but pot selection is limited in my area and online pots are too expensive. I am sure it will look better when I come across a better pot, but I guess it was good enough for :-)

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