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    Our Jacaranda was planted in our front yard May 2019, from a sapling with 1 trunk and no branches, about 1 inch in diameter originally, and shorter than 4 feet tall.
    It is now probably 8 feet tall, still one trunk and no branches.
    It growth slowed and stopped in the late fall/early winter - the last nutrient feeding was in November.
    The long leaves have been slowly dying and falling off so that there aren't very many now.
    We aren't watering except once a week, unless we have rain, and then we don't water that week.

    We were told to chop off the top when it gets a little taller, to force it to begin branching out. Not sure if that is a good idea. Also, not sure what to do right now, do we just wait for spring before giving it a little food, otherwise do nothing? We love jacarandas, this is our first try at growing our own.
    Thank you for any help.
    Bev JM
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