It's dead! Er... is it really?

Discussion in 'Maples' started by AlainK, May 2, 2023.

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    This 'Atro. dissectum' has undergone many bad treatments.

    The latter : because of my back problems, I couldn't repot it, it was too heavy. I finally managed to remove it from its pot. The roots had formed a kind of cork in the drainage holes. When I tilted the pot, about 2 liters of water ran down.


    I sawed off a couple of centimetres at the base, when a tree is healthy (I thought it was the case), it's not a problem.

    But after a few weeks, as my other maples had leafed out, no sign of recovering. So I pruned it back to the trunk, while waiting to throw it away.


    As usual, I procrastinated. And today, oh my! I saw it is backbudding to half the trunk!

    acerp_atro-dis02_230502b.jpg acerp_atro-dis02_230502c.jpg acerp_atro-dis02_230502d.jpg acerp_atro-dis02_230502e.jpg

    I'll see if it develops branches, then I'll prune the stubs back.
    This one is a survivor : it already survived some damage in the bark (too lazy to find the original thread again).

    acerp_atro-dis01-t_130228a.jpg acerp_atro-dis01-t_160518a.jpg

    Fingers crossed...
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    Fingers crossed indeed Alain. Quite a challenge you have there.

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