is watering with hot water that bad???

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by redster, Apr 16, 2008.

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    Britain zone 8/9
    The arctic is famous for its mozzies - the season is shorter, but they more than make up for it in population density. It is known for people to die of blood loss, if they don't have adequate clothing, up there.

    The Scottish Highland Midge is a Culicoides species. Same genus as the midges that spread bluetongue disease of sheep & cattle.
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    new orleans, louisiana
    well no sense in my moving up north to avoid them bugs then, maybe if another hurricane rolls through i wont have a choice.

    and just to explain, the tee is on the hot water coming out of the heater, i could tie in the pipes myself real easily...the cold going in is welded and requires a plumber...i just wanted to make sure hot water was a nono before spending the money, i couldnt find very much info online.

    thx for all the advice

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    I was just thinking that since we were talking about using bathwater to water the garden, for the sake of any participants or readers who try this that I would mention that keeping the bath full of water is a danger to small children.

    Whether you siphon the water out or run it with buckets as Liz was saying, it can be a while before you get to it after your bath... and my daughter actually did fall into the tub once when she was very small. We would have lost her if we had not been close by, as we always were. There are some sacrifices that should not be made for the sake of the environment, and child safety is one of them. If you do leave the bath full, put a hook and latch on the outside of the door so you can lock it shut until you've emptied the bath.

    And more topically to the thread, I should say I have run the water out when it is still fairly warm - but I think it cools while running through the hose.
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    No I don't do it like that. We have diverters [even in the city] where the water runs to a tank or direct to the garden. This water needs to be used fairly quickly too and not left standing. Here people down in the suburbs tend to use it on their lawns. Mine goes directly to an area of the garden where it seeps down a slope to the bottom area. I use woodshaving mulch sourrounding a perferated large poly type pipe across the horizontal of the slope. The pipe from the shower goes directly into it. Sort of an irrigation method. I have three of the horizontal pipes and change the input hose a couple of times a week. This sort diversion watering is very common in our water restrictions and commercial companies have gone all out to have all sorts of gadgets available to do it. I even heard of some one who has a small electric water pump and gets the water out through a hose at the window instead of down the bath plug. I am also VERY careful what I use in the way of soaps and cleaning agents

    I agree one needs to be careful in relation to children. Mine are no longer that age so I had not considered it. Thanks for reminding every one.


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