In The Garden: Is this a mugwort? Which one?

Discussion in 'Plants: Identification' started by wcutler, Oct 16, 2022.

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    Plant@Net has come up with
    Artemisia verlotiorum, Chinese mugwort, with 54.89% likelihood,
    Artemisia vulgaris, Mugwort or common wormwood, at 33.45%, and
    Artemisia princeps, Japanese mugwort, at 10.94%.
    They have some other Artemisia suggestions at very low likelihood, and no non-Artemesia suggestions.

    I would think Artemisia vulgaris, but the habit of the one in the UBCBG Physic Garden is so different (upright stems about my height), at least when I photographed it six years ago, and the flower heads here seem to be a different shape. The Artemisia verlotiorum photos I see don't look very convincing.

    This is in a landscaped area next to an apartment building in my neighbourhood. I had thought the leaves were 3-4cm long and thin, but I see that's only around the flowers. Those leaves are white on the undersides. Lower down on the stems, they are very deeply lobed, three or five lobes, and I didn't notice the undersides. Leaf margins are entire. All the leaves are soft. Stems are reddish-purple, and seemed square with white edges. The leaves had no scent, but I did notice a faint wormwood scent from stroking the flowers.

    Mugwort_CarderoHarwood_Cutler_20221016_124247.jpg Mugwort_CarderoHarwood_Cutler__CarderoHarwood_Cutler_20221016_124317.jpg Mugwort_CarderoHarwood_Cutler_20221016_124309.jpg Mugwort_CarderoHarwood_Cutler_20221016_124334.jpg Mugwort_CarderoHarwood_Cutler_20221016_124538.jpg
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    If it was here, I'd say Mugwort (an abundant native species here). In Vancouver, sorry, wouldn't like to say if other similar exotic species are commoner or not.

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