Is there the presence of anthocyanin in Red Sister Cordyline (Cordyline terminalis) ?

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    hi, I am wendell formalejo from the philippines, I am presently deciding to choose a problem regarding my thesis in my post graduate studies. My subject of study is about Red Sister Cordyline (Cordyline terminalis), this plant is very rare in our area... my father used to plant in our frontyard and backyard, I am deeply amazed with the attractive color this plant have. I want to know if about Red Sister Cordyline (Cordyline terminalis) contains anthocyanin? if yes can u suggest to me a simple way on how to extract anthocyanin in the said plant. I want to use the anthocyanin (if ever it contains such substance) in red sister cordyline as a Natural acid and base indicator as a substitute for litmus paper which i commonly used in my teaching of classifying substances as acid or base. If you have related studies and related literature there, I would deeply appreciate if you can send it to me, we are required to have international related studies and related literature.
    I am grateful to find this website which I believe will be of great help in the conduct of my study.
    Hope to hear from you.... God Bless

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