Is there such a thing as Dwarf Magnolia?

Discussion in 'Magnoliaceae' started by rockandroller, Mar 22, 2015.

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    Or do these trees perhaps take to being "Bonsai'd"?
    I'd love to have a Magnolia, and I see the local nursery has a few, so I guess they are hardy for this region. My difficulty is that I have a very small lot! I really only have one corner where a tree could go, and spread would be restricted to about 1.5 meters, at least till it got above fence level. Maximum height could be 5 or 6 meters, though...
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    Looking at the length of the last year's shoots present on the top grafted specimen shown on the page linked to above it is apparent there is no way it is going to be only 1 m across after 10 years. One factor that may be involved in this instance is invigoration of the dwarf scion by grafting onto a stock of normal vigor, this appears to be a frequent occurrence among dwarf and miniature conifers for instance. The original mutation of the magnolia may in fact by an extreme dwarf on its own roots.

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