Is my yukka starting to die? Help!

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by Dre, Jul 8, 2020.

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    I really care about my plants and I got a indoor Yukka tree that I purchased around 3 months ago. I've noticed more leaves on the bottom that are tiring brown and dying and some of the leads towards the center of the plant are brown. I keep it next to a window it dosnt have much direct sunlight but my other plants are doing fine by the window. Any advice? How can I help my plant? (I'm re potting it tommrow)

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    The yellowing of the lowest leaves may be due to normal aging but there's a problem if the new growth is weak or unhealthy. Is the plant getting enough light? It should do well in a spot with bright light.

    There is a long, vertical slit in the stem in the first photo. How did this come about? Is there any softness in the stem? Check on the condition of the roots while you're in the process of repotting. Make sure they're firm and not mushy.
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    Good morning, Have you changed its conditions to that of where you purchased it. The answer is so very often YES.
    Not replicating the conditions at a nursery or garden center is often the cause of so many failures to plants when brought home.
    As Junglekeeper states, light is imperative and if you remember to where you bought it, was it receiving a lot of light and did it look healthy then?
    Over watering these is also something that can cause a lot of problems. Check the soil before watering, rule of thumb is, if it feels dry water and if damp do not.
    Hope this other angle for you to consider helps.

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