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    Hello all....My name is Tom Ross and I own High Country Nursery in beautiful western North Carolina. I raise and sell japanese maples, conifers, roses, bonsai and other unusual plants and trees in my area. I will be teaching a class on japanese maples
    at the NC arboretum in Asheville the next couple of weeks. This is a three hour class with the first half classroom and the 2nd half hands on of different japanese maple
    cultivars from my nursery. I am working on a PPT presentation on the first half of the class on intro, care, classification of japanese maples and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for some PPT slides on tehse topics so I don;t have to invent the wheel...

    I have some of the classic books by vertrees, gregory and each student will get a pocket guide to japanese maples by vertrees in class as well .

    I also hope to compile a page or two of useful information and web links. So any help and insight my folks on this forum would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks tom...

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