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Discussion in 'Small Space Gardening' started by eblack, May 27, 2005.

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    I'm currently working on a design project that involves the creation of an unheated buffer atrium space. I would like to include some interior landscaping. I am interested in including plants native to the North West Coast. Unfortuntely, I am unable to find any information on native plants that will survive in an interior setting. Particularly, I am interested in large scale plants (trees). Any information on appropriate plant types would be appreciated
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    Tell us more about the atrium. Roofed? Skylights? All adjoining walls are rooms which are heated? How much space is there available for planting? Is water available in the atrium itself, or is there a nearby source? Any sun at all?
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    Hello eblack, this is an interesting question. The only NW native plant that jumps to mind as one commonly grown indoors is Tolmiea menziesii (piggy back plant) - not a very big plant, but easy and worth growing. There are several NW native plant societies; you may want to contact them for ideas. I guess if you are keeping temps. and water similar to outdoor conditions many plants may work. If you don't get any definate suggestions I would try the trees and shrubs that are easiest to grow and most closely match your light conditions - likely shady and there are lots of choices for shade plants from the NW forests.

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