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    I found this website when looking for info on Japanese elm and zelkova. They've got a list of plants native to Japan, and what I find interesting is that they have the Japanese names too, in roman alphabet and in kanji: it can be interesting when looking for Japanese pages that can then be translated into English, or French (with the usual sometimes surrealistic mistakes):

    Plantes du Japon

    Though there is no direct link to Acer palmatum, there is a page about it. I already knew they're called "Momiji", but they list the most common name as "Takaomomiji", saying that it refers to Mount Takao where there are large population of this species.

    雄紅葉 TAKAOMOMIJI = Momiji = Irohakaede - Plantes du Japon

    Also, they have maps showing the range of the different trees: I immediately thought of the different "recommended" stratification periods, shorter for Acer palmatum (southern part of Japan, milder climate) and Acer japonicum (northern part of Honshu and Hokkaido, where the climate is much colder and winters longer)...

    羽団扇楓 HAUCHIWAKAEDE - Plantes du Japon
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    Thanks. I've added it to Maple Resources.

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