Instructions for planting cherry trees

Discussion in 'Ornamental Cherries' started by wcutler, Jul 7, 2009.

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    The Macon, Georgia Cherry Blossom Festival has a one-page paper (pdf file) on Instructions for Planting Cherry Trees. All their trees seem to be Yoshino cherries, so that's the cultivar mentioned in the page title. They periodically give away several thousand trees, and they claim to have 300,000 of them planted in the city (so their planting instructions would seem to be pretty successful).
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    The usual hybrid mix of correct information and falsehoods one sees in such productions now. Compare with these: ..._files/Myths/magazine pdfs/MythsHydrogels.pdf chalker-scott/FactSheets/Planting fact sheet.pdf

    I also wonder about the wisdom of mass planting that particular tree in that region. Tree expert R. Van Pelt observed that many of those remaining in the famous Tidal Basin planting in Washington, DC were in poor condition when he was there some years ago. And the GardenWeb forums have had multiple postings originating in eastern US locations asking what was wrong with their Yoshino cherries.

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