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    Hi this is my first post.
    I just inherit a three foot banana tree, which I know very little about.
    I was hoping that someone could give me more information about growing one.
    Like how often should I water it, and does it need special fertilizer?
    Can I plant this outside in the garden,and if so what time of year would be best,what special things do I need to do for winter?

    I would appreciate any information at all.
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    North Vancouver, BC,Canada
    Hi Nathan
    I have just finished posting my update on banana trees.
    Please check the name of your plant. If its Musa basjoo, they are hardy variety and can be grown outdoors here in Vancouver. As this will be its first year you might need to winterize it after fall.
    No need of any special fertilizers , chose a sunny or partial shade spot but with good drainage.
    If planting indoors, you might need to repot them as they might grow larger. They grow fast.
    since yours is 3 feet tall , under perfect conditions they might bear flower and fruits. You could call the newspaper to publish it..The fruits of musa basho is not edible. They have seeds.
    I hope you find this information little helpful.
    Enjoy planting .
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