Identification: Infested Mikawa yatsubusa

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    Hi All,

    I am a long term lurker. I'm a maple enthusiast in Baltimore, MD. I recently moved and foolishly did not remove leaf litter or change out my mulch on a potted 5-8 year old mikawa yatsubusa between growing seasons due to a house move. It became infested with gnats recently. I treated with a neem spray weekly at first, but the infestation got out of hand so I went to daily soap spraying. The gnats are now gone.

    Now I have these tiny, really small maybe 0.2mm up to 2mm in diameter perfectly round little bugs all over the underside of the leaves, they are feeding on the sugars and killing off the tree. Please let me know if you know what they are. These pictures are from a few days ago when there were still gnats.

    I am thinking about some Delamethrin spray.

    I have posted some photos here Infested maple

    Thanks ever so much,


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