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    [Edited by wcutler 2011aug3]: I no longer consider this posting interesting, and I am not going to maintain it. I have corrected a few of the links below, but I decided to stop. I'd delete it, but am just not confident enough that it's really no longer of any use.

    What I think makes the thread unnecessary are:

    1. I have re-arranged postings in Ornamental Cherry threads so that now most single-white threads contain postings that relate to the thread titles.
    2. The Cultivar Locations thread has links to at least one posting of each known tree.
    There have been a lot of postings in a lot of places about cherries with 2-3cm single white or pinky-white blossoms blooming early or mid-season. Some of these were just questions, and some we think were mis-identified. Names in the running are mostly Sargentii or some sort of hill or mountain cherry.

    Here is a list of most of the postings. I've omitted postings that are just about Pandora, Somei-yoshino or Akebono. I've used the IDs that were mentioned in the posting, many of which are up for re-identification. I included a few of the posting numbers next to the thread names, I'm not sure why. Note the introduction - not all these links are still accurate.

    Single whites:
    folder_pic.gif Spire, Pandora, x Syodoi, Schmittii, Colt; was "Spires or what?"
    folder_pic.gif Yama-zakura - mid-season, single usually white
    folder_pic.gif Pandora - Single white blossoms, early; may be 'Pandora
    folder_pic.gif Somei-yoshino vs Pandora?
    folder_pic.gif What cherry? Single white blossoms, bronze leaves, mid-season
    folder_pic.gif What single white cherries? Early mid-season
    folder_pic.gif Umbel vs Corymb - can we tell by looking? I considered this related
    folder_pic.gif Sargentii - mid-season, pinky-white, upright, bronze leaves
    folder_pic.gif What cherry? Single whites, bronze leaves, large dense tree, late mid-season
    folder_pic.gif Takasago – double pale pinks, green leaves, vase shaped, mid-seasonAnd the same trees in the Neighbourhood Blogs
    folder_pic.gif Kensington/Cedar Cottage : folder_pic.gif Hastings-Sunrise
    folder_pic.gif Kitsilano
    folder_pic.gif Riley Park
    folder_pic.gif Shaughnessy
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    These are now the threads currently of interest regarding single-whites:
    Prunus x syodoi, 'Shodo-zakura'? - mid-season, single-white, double-serrated leaves All the trees with the coarsely-serrated or double-serrated leaves.

    Yama-zakura - mid-season, single usually white
    The one Killarney tree, a VanDusen tree, and some Japanese and Seattle Yama-zakura.

    Korean Hill Cherry? Late blooming, single white, narrow petals, corymbose
    Dingren and Martin's Richmond tree

    Japanese Hill Cherry vs Korean Hill Cherry
    Comments Ron made on three occasions about both types of hill cherry, mostly Jacobson and Kuitert quotes

    What cherry? Single white, early mid-season, Wendy's tree
    The 5th and Collingwood tree, may be one of the hill cherries

    All the Pandora postings that were mixed in with the above postings have been moved to
    Pandora - Single pinky white, mid-season, upright spreading

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