In Japan, smartphone apps time spring's cherry blossoms

Discussion in 'Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival' started by Junglekeeper, Mar 2, 2019.

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    An article from a few years ago that showcases the Japanese passion for cherry blossoms:

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    That's cool.
    One city, one date. How nice when that's all you have to do.
    Our map has dates for more than 55 cultivars in 23 Vancouver neighbourhoods, so 1265 date points for just Vancouver. There are a few more cultivars on the map, and a lot of surrounding municipalities as well. But we don't have it on an app. We do get date info from the public, on VCBF Neighbourhood Blogs threads on these forums, so that we have the photos to verify the reports. We don't have a climate information company counting pollen or collecting reports from 8 million users!

    We don't actually have a lot of scouts reporting, so a lot of the map dates are guesses on my part. It's probably time for us to find someone to replace me who is good at enlisting people to supply the info and keep them motivated to gather the info and post it. If you're reading this and thinking this person could be you, do get in touch with me, via a Conversation here, or my contact info is on the Cherry Scouts - Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival festival page.

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