Immature flower from Meyer Lemon Tree

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    Dear all,

    I'm new to gardening and this forum so please let me know if this is the right place to post.

    Couple years ago I received a 3 gallon improved Meyer lemon ( cross with Mandarin) and re-potted into a 26-inch pot and placed at my south-facing backyard. It doubled the height in a year and yielded 50 lemons in the first year -- a very satisfying crop!

    Fairly bad leave drop happened last year and looks pretty bare. It does survived over the winter with the help of warm Christmas lights and luckily lots of green shoots coming out this spring. I pruned a few branches that shoots over 5 feet to keep it into a managable size in the pot.

    For the flower bud this year, the very first batch looks great and normal -- starting with a purple bud and bloom into a normal stigma and stamen inside a beautiful white flower. However, the later batch ( which is the majority ) buds does not appear right, as it seemed not able to grow to a normal size and starts blooming, with the stigma and stamen all crumbled together.

    I used organic chicken poops as regular fertilizer ( once per month ), plus Pro-mix Organic 3-6-12 fruit fertilizer every other weeks during spring. Am I using the right fertilizer? What will be the cause of the dwarf flowers?

    Thanks very much!!!

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