Identify Pest/disease on dying vine

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    This is cobaea scandens in bad shape right now. It is in soil bed. I sowed the seeds in october and it grew to about 3 feet. As our summers are very very hot (40-45C continuous), this vine gets only 3 hours direct sun in morning.

    1-All leaves are getting brown crispy edges then shriveled then dead. The back of the leaves seem to have some pest.
    2- Vine is getting bald from the bottom and then going up.

    Can some one tell me how i can save this vine? Is it some pest or disease? There is new growth on it but not enough. Other plants in same soil bed are growing fine.

    Note: I tried to grow it last year as well, same soil bed, seeds from different vendor but it also died from same problem (leaves crispy, shriveled and died ).


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    Im sure its aphips or spider mites. If you see any webbing its spider mites. grab a magnifying glass and check that way. Is this the same spot you put the other vine that died of the same thing? Aphid eggs can survive the winter, worse yet they are born pregnant. that's why detecting them early is a good thing.You may still be able to get blooms this summer, that's if you really want to save this vine. Dig it up' then remove what few leaves it has left. Dispose of leaves in plastic bag. Spray down the vine with a light solution of soapy water. You should rinse the wall the vine leaned on with the soapy H2O also. Spray the leaves of the plants that were closest to the vine with the hose and that should get them off. concentrate on the underside of the leaves.
    Plant the vine in a pot slightly larger then the root ball. Fertilize once with 10-52-10. This helps minimize transplant shock. Water only when fairly dry with 20-10-20. Its what I use in my green house for all the plants. When the leaves grow, every 3rd watering add a Tblesp of Epson salt in plain water. Water with just that not other fertilizer. This has nitrogen that helps the upper growth. don't use often because all youll get is a lot of healthy leaves & only few flowers. Do this with all your flowers, it gives the plants a boost and wakes up the tired looking plant. All fertilizers contain salts. So once a month water with plain water to wash the salt build up on roots, and they can now obsorb the nutrients your giving them. Plants in pots get salt buildup faster than plants in the ground.
    Once your plant is looking great again, you can either contine to grow it in the pot,or put it back in the flower bed. Or just put pot and all in flower bed. Make sure your pot is big enough to handle the root growing a lot through the summer.
    It sounds like a lot of work but really it isn't. 20 min tops

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