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  1. Next week I'm starting a 6 week unit on plants with my grade three students. We must cover:
     the physical characteristics and life cycles of plants
     what plants need to survive
     how humans impact plant life

    I would like to present this as a critical thinking challenge to my students, and have decided that they (possibly in groups) have been "hired" as consultants to plan a garden that utilizes plants native to this area (we're in Vancouver). As part of this they will have to choose plants, find out what these plants would need to survive (soil etc.), which plants work together, and how such plants would be affected by being planted in an urban neighbourhood. I will also be conducting experiments to look at plants structures etc. to augment this information. We will have a space to actually do some gardening as well on the school property.

    I was hoping people would have suggestions for resources for my students and myself. The children must conduct their own research (with guidance and structure from me of course). We would also like to go on a fieldtrip and were wondering if anyone had any suggestions of a place children would love. UBC gardens are not an option as they don't give tours to children as young as mine.

    Thank you!
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    Actually, I believe UBC Botanical Garden would be an option, as it is for educational purposes. I know it states on the guided tours page that the tours are limited to grades 4 and up, but these are tours in the traditional sense - history of the gardens, plants of interest, what is special about each garden, etc.

    As you are interested in a field trip as opposed to a tour, I believe that this falls under the purview of the education coordinator, Judy Newton. My suggestion is that you contact her by calling the garden's general phone number at 604-822-3928.

    Interestingly enough, although it is yet to be announced on the web site, a map, signage and trail for children (targetted at grade 3!) was developed this past winter. I've attached what I have as PDFs, although I'm not certain if this is the final version (paper copies of the final version are available at the garden).

    I'll also see what I can do about clarifying that garden tours web page.

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  3. Thank you!

    This is a great start for me! Thanks so much for responding!

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