I have TRANSPLANTED the Juniper & Boxwood what more to do now?

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    Burnaby North on a slope facing south & a view :-)
    I followed the advice of several from you here. I waited the earth to be a bit warmer and cut the Juniper where it was growing to far and was not wanted . When I cut them I found out that ONLY a few of the lowest branches had some small feeder roots along the main branch. So those I burried all the way long . But then that was only 3 branches not enough.
    So please tell me ( you the specialist) did I work for nothing for 3 days I planted many more branches by digging holes up to 10-15 inches deep and planted the cut Juniper branches. The picture shows now how the previously EMPTY slope looks like ..
    To your opinon WILL IT GROW or will it all die ?
    Since then I water every day at least 30min to 1hour with a sprinkler to soak the earth that is up to 2m deep and I think the water may just sink away.
    What else can I do to improve the Juniper chances to survive ? Any advice?
    The slope is full south and say in medium mixed sun & shade due to the pine branches

    I also was advised that BOXWOOD clippings have a good chance to grow under this pine tree. So have received from someone on www,.myfreecycle.org a who bucket of Boxwood cutting. Please advise . I was told by a friend to plant it horizontally and dip it into rooting powder and stip all the leaves for the part that goes into the earth.
    Does Boxwood grow slowly or fast ?
    Thanks for reading this far and for any advise.

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