Beeches: I bought 4 umbrella like weeping P. Beeches

Discussion in 'Fagaceae (beeches, oaks, etc.)' started by Karalyn, Jul 23, 2009.

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    I purchased at 75% off last year 4 purple leafed Beeches. It is suppose to grow up to 15 ft tall and about that wide.

    I haven't planted any of them and one might be dead, as I can't decide on where to plant them. Also, what conditions do they really like. Do they like dry heat up to 105*, I'm in zone 6. Or part shade?

    Should I just plant them and wait and see if I end up selling a couple of them as I watch them grow?

    I really would have loved to get the taller slimmer weeping purple beech. But I don't have the income for one of those and still wonder if they will do well in the sunshine.


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