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  1. Hello everyone,
    I am Kaushik from India and am new to horticulture and anything about plants. I am interested to know about vegetation and factors that affect them and I found this forum to be the best place to start. I can't offer much in return, atleast not yet. I hope some of you might provide some answers I look for and I can improve my knowledge about flora.

    To start with, I am attaching two photos of a flower I found during my weekend trip to the hills. Can somebody help identify this for me. I have never seen this anywhere else.


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    Welcome to the Forums kaushiks. I hope you enjoy learning from our members. I would not assume that you do not have much to offer the Forums. We do not get a lot of posts from your area of the world. I am sure everyone would enjoy reading about plants and gardens in your area as well as seeing more photos.
  3. I did some research on the area I visited. The whole place was teeming with these flowers in all sorts of colors. I am thinking this might be a Rhododendron. It matches what I read. Do you folks think this could be Rhododendron?.
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    The plants are certainly rhododendrons, but it would be useful to know exactly where and at what elevation the pictures were taken. They could be Rhododendron arboreum, but that is only a guess. That species is variable (with many subspecies and varieties) and occurs throughout the Himalayan region and into southwestern China.
  5. Absolutely great. I saw them in Uttaranchal. At around a height of 7000ft. Thanks a lot. The exact place was somewhere around abbot mount. http://www.abbottmount.com
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    Hi Kaushiks

    For someone that say's they can't contribute to the forums

    I would say that you have done very well:).

    Great pics

    Having been to your local (granted 18/20 years ago) do you remember on which slope they are growing on? And are they on lime stone cliffs?

    Best Regards Doug
  7. Thanks Doug. Actually I went to this place only last week. It is in himalayas somewhere in the border between India and Nepal.

    As for your two questions -
    "do you remember on which slope they are growing on? And are they on lime stone cliffs?"

    I don't know how to tell if they were made of lime stones.
    I would say these photos were short on the slopes facing north-east.

    Could you please tell me how the slope direction matters?. Which slopes would you find Rhododendrons on?.

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