Hyperion Coast Redwood. Tallest Tree. 379.1 feet / 115.5 meters

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    Beaverton, Oregon
    Found Hyperion this winter - the tallest known tree.

    Michael Taylor who co-discovered it in 2006/

    Hyperion / Sequoia sempervirens
    Height 379.1 feet or 115.5 meters / DBH 15.2 feet or 4.84 meters
    Redwood National Park

    It looks like a redwood. I mean, nothing jumps out. Although it is a pretty nice looking redwood. The valley I waded up to get into this area was gorgeous green.

    Edit: Since this post was available for several weeks, I swapped a smaller image for the present. Decided not to keep a view online much bigger than a few hundred pixels wide.

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