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    i have crossed several different plants this is the first one that i did that was different than either the seed plant or the pollen plant the first seeds i grew where from a friend and not real sure what the cross was but the bloom is red and all the seedlings so far from that one have been identical no mater the pollinator. this cross is yellow delight seed parent x figi island pollen parent. its nothing spectacular not worthy of being named or sold but it is my first true hybrid.so i will keep it. i have done other crosses but they are just like other plants out there mainly i did the cross just playing of wilders white x shizopetalis out of the six that sprouted four have bloomed so far they all look alike pink with darker pink one of them did have scent the first few blooms that opened but never showed the scent again. wilders white is scented when it wants to be and these are all tropical hibiscus. i will still try to get a hybride that may one day be worth naming but plants are a hobby and have other plants that take priority was just curios if anyone else has been trying to get some hybrids and had any luck. i only have a pic of the seedling flower and the figi island i could not find any pics of the yellow delight and it is a week or so from blooming again

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