HOW TO STOP Aphyds on my Dalias and Clematis and Passion Fruit

Discussion in 'Garden Pest Management and Identification' started by vicarious1, Jul 20, 2008.

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    I have Aphyds on my Dalias and Clematis and Passion Fruit always on the top near the the blossoms I sprinkled soapy water but to the only effect it killed all the blooms that were growing below and 3 days later the aphyds farmed by ants are back
    Now I put a ANT TRAP but as it is very dry and I need to water the plants they seem to be back in a jiffy for the water every night . I bought 14$ bags ( a 2nd time round ) of Lady bugs but they established them selves somwhere else more pretty maybe with a day. Whats the secret to get rid of them ?
    Thanks for any advise

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    Hey Vicarious1,
    I had a terrible time with aphids on my Mock Orange shrub, but daily treatment with Safers pesticidal Soap for 3 or 4 days steady got rid of them. This year, I was at the ready with my spray bottle of the soap, and one treatment was all I needed. They haven't been back since. To Tell you the truth I think they like the younger parts of the plant best. As my shrub is older and tougher now, they don't bother it anymore.
    Good luck.

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