How to save badly pruned 19 year old hedge

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    so sadly we did choose a wrong guy for pruning the 19 year old hedge last August. Historically the hedge has not been well maintained so it is very thick.

    And since last August I hate myself for choosing the wrong pruner. Believe it or not but I cant stop thinking about this. It has turned into a traumatic obsession. :(

    The hedge has never been great near the tree due to shade. However after pruning it looks worse.

    Please see the photos and share your honest opinion.

    a) Do you think this hedge will improve?
    b) How long will it take to fill some of these holes?
    c) what should we do this spring to boost its growth?

    Thank you,

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    North Curl Curl, Australia
    If you allow the hedge to become wider then it will improve in time
    The holes can be filled by tying branches towards the holes.
    I would apply chicken manure and a soaker hose or drip system to provide consistent watering along the hedge.
    Good luck
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    The hedge may be unsightly due to overpruning but appears healthy overall. I agree if you remove a foot or so off the top it will likely fill in. The problem on that side will get worse over time as your tree gets larger. you may be forced to chose between the tree and the hedge at some point. good luck

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