How To Prune Tree Wisteria??

Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by rckowal, Nov 3, 2009.

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    I know this subject is probably "old hat" on this forum but what I've seen from searching here &/or "Googling" doesn't really address my situation. Most information on this matter apparently originates from caring for vines - but tree wisterias are not like vines in shape or growth.

    I have a very mature (20 years?) tree wisteria that is about 5-6 feet tall, 8 - 10 feet in diameter with a 5-6" trunk diameter. It has outgrown the space available and needs the diameter pruned back to about 6-8 feet. By the way, it has been pruned very little in the past so there is an accumulation of disorganized branch growth within it that needs to be removed as well.

    Additionally, although it has bloomed profusely in years gone by, it has since lost some of it's splendor - perhaps due to overgrowth & some questionable pruning in recent years.

    Pruning back to shorten the old wood branches (reducing the diameter) seems to be pretty straight forward. What concerns me though is cutting off the blooming ends of those branches too severely & losing most of the blooms for some time to come.

    Can some one with past experience doing this task please coach me - or send me to good link that can. Although verbal description is helpful it can also be unclear or confusing, so an accompanying diagram/picture will be greatly appreciated.


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