Hedges: how to move large smargd emerald's and fertilise them

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    Hello, I have many smaragd emerald cedars I want to move them into a 3ft by 40ft trench with good landscape soil. They are about 8-9ft tall and healthy but about 2ft apart. I have moved a few of them and wonder how wide my root ball needs to be. The roots had to be cut to get the tree free from the surrounding area and also the tree next to it. Before I move the others, I need some advice: how much of a root ball do they need to survive, can I use both transplanting fertiliser and a shake of bone meal. Also, in the spring and or later this year, should I fertilise them with additional fertiliser such as slow release for evergreens or is it too hard on the newly transplanted trees and I should wait to do that a year later so it can focus on the roots.
    Also, what do you think the chances of these larger transplants that have been established and have some big roots strectching out into the yard cut?

    Thanks a lot.
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    Wouldn't fertilize now.

    If I moved them, I'd rather have slow growth and smaller leaf area.

    Going into spring and summer.

    The rootball size may depend on how massive they are. I've seen narrow and wide ones at that height.

    Seems like no less than 26" of a ball.

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