How to improve my Fushia condition

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    Burnaby North on a slope facing south & a view :-)
    I have managed to keep my 3 hanging Fushia baskets a life during winter
    in the basement with light a few hours a day and limited watering
    when the spring arrived I started watering more so they grew leaves.
    Now I have put them outside in the shade ( only some later afternoon sun)
    But they look weak. The new branches seem nearly translucid and the small
    leaves shrivel up after the night.
    What am I doing wrong . Must I replant them? Although all pots are the same
    size, two of the pots seem very light only one is more heavy. Must I cut the new
    shoots back ?
    One is white marshmallow, the other is fushia only the third on is mixed fushia and white
    Just trying to see if one can save 60$ instead of going out to buy new ones.
    Thank you.

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