how to identify tomatoes

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    Burnaby North on a slope facing south & a view :-)
    I have grown tomato seeds in EXACT the same mix that are now 7 feet tall.
    These are tomato seeds from KEWLONA and are low acid, a type an never grew before.
    Anyway we shall see.
    Last year I grew ROMAIN lettuce and it nearly did not bold
    this one never got big and bolts in a 4inch stage NOT NORMAL and it is ON PURPOSE
    in the coolest part of the veggie patch.
    Anyway will replace with SUGAR LOAF that grows ABSOLUTELY DIVINE up to 3 feet tall
    NO flower no bolting and greens galore.
    Thanks for all the advise...
    HL; Yea bolt resistant that is what the package said ( sadly I did not keep it) as I would
    sent the pic to Westcaost seeds its too funny.
    I think there is not much as when to grow your seeds in Vancouver .....we use so much normally
    we can eat lots as we use lettuce as a veggie in soups and dumplings AND salads ...
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    London, Ontario, Canada (Zone 5b)

    Check your dwindling tomato plants for soil bugs or other insects which are notorious for stunting growth. I would apply some starter fertilizer, and put them into full sun.

    Tomato plants are vigourous and fast growers, so if yours haven't grown for 4 weeks something is seriously wrong! Check the seedlings over thoroughly, and make sure they are free of pests.

    As for lettuce...

    there are varieties as well, that can be grown in the warmer summer months, but the best kinds grow in the Spring and Fall. I grow it in Winter also, in a partial sunny sill.

    : )

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