How soon can I expect a response to my post?

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    The speed of response to any post depends on several factors.

    Generally, the Friends of UBC Botanical Garden who participate on the forums as "HortLine" answer questions Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons PST. However, they do occasionally post at other times. Often, some research is required to answer a question and that may cause a greater delay.

    UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research staff and researchers post as time allows. Please realize that the bulletin boards are an innovation - I know of no other botanical garden that uses similar software to foster communications between its staff and the gardening and botanical communities.

    However, with any technology, there are downsides. In this case, the short term effect is that there is "extra work" involved - and finding the time to squeeze in a researched response during a busy day can be difficult.

    The long term view is that we are building a shared and common resource. Unlike the telephone-based HortLine, a question asked frequently or infrequently need only be researched and answered once.

    Lastly, the speed of response can also vary depending on the participation of non-UBC bulletin board users. The more that people participate in both asking and answering, the more we can look forward to speedier responses and engaging and enlightening discussions.

    Thanks for your understanding and participation!

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