How my Balcony Garden weathered the summmer...

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    Buenos Dias,

    The summer here in Tucson, Arizona, U.S. was especially dry and hot. I lost all of my spring plantings this year.

    The old standbys have done well and better since we have moved into the autumn. 94 Kitten start.jpg

    69 ferns and pothos.jpg

    0070 kalanchoe orange.jpg

    One of my goals for the garden was shade and cooler temps on the East side of the house. My other goal was to propagate plants that I especially liked. The spider plants have done very well. I learned from another forum here at UBC Botanical Garden how to "pin" the babies into pots to get them started. I have successfully propagated the 'african onion' and two different varietes of kalanchoe.

    The old standbys, aloe vera, foxtail ferns, algerian ivy my little stone pine and the mature spider plants are thriving.

    Here a a handful of photos to share with all of you.

    I have a question. Do most of you bring your plants indoors for the winter? I do, but in my range it may be enough to cover the plants instead.

    Thanks so much for keeping this forum going and best day to each of you!

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