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Discussion in 'Maples' started by MtnGato, May 27, 2004.

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    I struggle sometimes with guessing just how much sun a Japanese maple should have (realizing that some types need or can tolerate more than others ...). When I see a grower from Oregon advising "full sun" for a cultivar, should I translate that to "give it a bit of shade at least in the afternoon" for one planted in North Carolina? Should most all trees get protection from full sun for their first few years? Or can I safely give a tree more sun if it also gets more water?
    I'm guessing I've been erring more on the side of too much shade than too much sun, but I'd really appreciate any guidance, particularly from others in the steamy Southeast.
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    Northern Ireland
    It certainly is a most confusing suggestion for the siting of Japanese Maples (or indeed for ANY plant)
    'Full sun' in Northern Ireland would be as different as day from night to 'full sun' in Arizona
    Just how hot does your sun get? And how long does it stay like that?
    It really is a question of some common sense at the end of the day. A really hot blistering sun will destroy the plant. If your sun is more 'affable' and restricted in its delivery then 'maybe'? full sun would be no problem
    Certainly here in Northern Ireland where 'full sun' means (at worst) 75 degrees F for a few days at a time, I have no problems
    I hope this helps????
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    Middle Georgia
    Hey Gato. I live in middle Georgia(zone 8). I also believe that a zone 7/8 in Oregon is much different than a zone 7/8 in the southeast. I would try to give you maples as much shade as possible after 12 noon. Even then some cultivars will still show some burnt edges when the "dog days of summer" get here. Watering can help some.
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    I suppose I'm lucky living in the north of England I can grow all my maples in full sun with hardly any scorch on the leaves,they have all been in the ground for a year at most and they can be expected to scorch in the sun for around 3 years after planting until they establish (guess I've been lucky there then).
    Reading Vertrees book on Japanese Maples it says growing Japanese Maples in full sun is ok unless your daily temperatures regulary reach into the 90F's but also check in the back of this book to see which cultivars prefer sun shade or aren't that bothered.Hope this helps a bit.

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