How do you crop your plants at home?

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    Hi fellow gardeners!Thank you for letting me join your community. I really love all the love and kindness in this group and especially all the interesting posts.

    I'm a graduate student of International Business Management at the Artevelde UAS in Belgium and for my bachelor project, my team and I are researching the Canadian Greenhouse market! If you live in Canada and love gardening/sustainability/nature/greenhouses, could you please help us out and fill in this survey? Your insights can be of huge value to us!

    Thank you in advance, and we wish the best of luck to everyone who gives us their time to do this!

    Greenhouse Gardening in Canada
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    Hi, usually links to these sorts of studies need to be vetted by forum admins first. Upon reviewing it, it doesn't appear to ask for any personal information, and the institution looks legitimate.

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