How do I revitalize my White Bird of Paradise? Why did its leaf edges shrivel up?

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by codidact, Jan 13, 2022.

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    Pls compare the 2 pictures below of my Strelitzia nicolai. What's wrong with the leaves? How do I rejuvenate it?

    LEFT PIC — plant when I bought it from store in Guangzhou, China. The leaf edges were unfurled, unfolded, unraveled, arched up, and flat. They open out, stretch out and up, curve up.

    RIGHT PICNow the leaf edges have furled, curled up, folded up, crimped, and scrumpled. And the leaves have discolored and become less green! Plant is still in Guangzhou where I live.


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    Welcome, @codidact. Is this plant kept inside or is it outside on a deck? I would expect it to be reacting to the difference in the amount of light and humidity from what it was getting in the nursery and the shop. If the current temperatures in Guangzhou are what it's been getting all winter, that would not seem to be an issue, but it has been around other plants in a humid atmosphere. It might have to adjust to the difference in conditions. Also, check the leaves very carefully for spider mites (look for very small webbing, particularly on the underside of the leaves, or maybe with a magnifier you would see the tiny mites). You could wipe off the leaves every three days, top and bottom, four or five times, for a few weeks, to control those. There is drainage in the bottom of that pot, right? See if you can figure out the difference in weight after watering and when it needs water again, to make sure you're not overwatering it.

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