Identification: Horizontal spreading tree with white petal and bronze-green leaves(1)

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    So now the trunks, and I need help. Here are the tall trees:
    Choshu-hizakura-tree1Trunk_MontgomeryPark_Cutler_20200417_155909.jpg Choshu-hizakura-tree4Trunk+MontgomeryPark_Cutler_20200417_160116.jpg

    And these are the short trees:
    Choshu-hizakura-tree2Trunk__MontgomeryPark_Cutler_20200417_155933.jpg Choshu-hizakura-tree3Trunk_MontgomeryPark_Cutler_20200417_160020.jpg Choshu-hizakura-tree3Trunk_MontgomeryPark_Cutler_20200417_160050.jpg
    The third photo just above is to show how far that root is stretching.
    The roots travelling along the ground look like what I usually see on avium rootstocks. Is that what is happening here? Are these grafted? (Where is rootstock growth when we want some - there is none on any of these!)
    The reason for my question is: could these trees be seedlings? But if they're grafted, that makes no sense. Is it possible to tell? Might the short trees be grafted and the other two not? Would that account for the differences? It appears to me that the short trees were at some point topped. Surely that makes a difference. Here is one of the short trees (looking, by the way, very pink):

    These short trees are not all that healthy (same short tree):

    How much does that affect the visible differences?
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