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Discussion in 'Conversations Forum' started by Eric La Fountaine, Dec 7, 2007.

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    I wanted to share an experience I had at this holiday/gift giving time of year. A colleague of mine was getting married for the second time and both he and his wife had children. I needed to find a reasonably priced gift, and wanted to give something really useful. I had been enjoying visits to the local zoo and had purchased a membership, so I could see the elephants whenever I wanted. I thought the newly wed family might enjoy the zoo as much as I did. Later my friend told me it was the best gift he had ever received. The family went to the zoo whenever they wanted. Even short visits were OK, since they did not pay an admission fee. They loved the year long entertainment value and the educational experience for the kids.

    Memberships to educational public venues like botanical garden, zoos, museums, science centres, etc. provide excellent gift value and benefit the facility as well. Membership allows people to really explore a facility and makes quick visits feasible. It generally comes with added benefits--events, newsletters, special sales, etc., that make it a gift that gives all year long. It is a great gift for families.

    The UBC Botanical Garden is a wonderful place to stroll. What a wonderful gift for couples! You may want to give this gift to yourself. If you have not been a member before, you will be surprised how the membership brings you to experience the facility more intimately and makes frequent or brief visits cost effective.

    I hope locals consider a membership gift to our garden, but whatever the venue or region, I hope people consider the gift idea.

    UBC Botanical Garden membership information.

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