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    Hello. I purchased ten hibiscus seeds from overseas. At the time I didn't know that there was tropical and hardy varieties. Ive grown hibiscus before which were apparently the hardy because they would die back every fall. Now my new seeds have come in months after ordering. Knowing it was probably too late to plant them, I couldn't stand it so I planted 3 seeds anyways. Only one plant came up. Will my other 7 seeds still be good next spring ? Im also having the tropical or hardy dilemma. The add where I ordered didn't state tropical or hardy or even what zones to grow in. Also it showed about 25 different hibiscus and said it would be a 10 seed mix from those 25. The flowers in the pictures were beautiful. None like I had ever seen before. Ive read everything I could find on how to tell the difference. I don't really think my one plant will actually have time to bloom this year so that has got me messed up a little because the pictures were everything but white, red or pink. The plant right now is only about 10 in tall and the leaves are all heart shaped and pale green but there just as fuzzy as can be. As it grows even the new growth is very fuzzy. Does anyone know what I have ? Does lighter green heart shaped leaves always mean its a hardy ?

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