Hibiscus palustris and incanus

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    I am very interested in North American native hibiscus and am have difficulty in finding information about Hibiscus palustris and incanus. I know that both of these name are no longer valid and considered to be Hibiscus moscheutos. But at some point in time some botanist thought they were different, so I would like to know what the features were for each of these two plants, that convinced botanist that the plants were different.
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    Wise DL and Menzel MY. Genetic affinities of the North American species of Hibiscus sect. Trionum. Brittonia, 1971, 23, 4, 425-437.
    H. incanum: leaves entire, ovate to lanceolate, tomentose (velvety); flowers white.
    H palustris: leaves entire, cordate to slightly 3-lobed, glabrous above; flower pink.

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